National Board of Accredition

Accredited services

Certifications, inspections and verifications, tests and calibrations undertaken by accredited GAs are conformity assessment activities ensuring respect for the standards and enhancing trust.

Accredited conformity assessment brings tangible benefits for businesses, institutions and consumers and it helps to spread greater trust in the quality and safety of goods available on the market.

Apply for Certification:

  • As you are prepared with the actualized framework, send the filled application structure.
  • The application structure is sent to the accreditation board.
  • The enlistment endorsement is received within 2 working days from the board.
  • The Financial choice is taken and the citation and agreement is signed.

Get your System Audited:

  • When the budgetary part is chosen, you prepare to be audited for the certifications.
  • Confirmation of the audit date is done and the auditor is looked over the rundown of auditors by the board.
  • The Certificate is Valid for three years is discharged within 15 working days after the audit is performed effectively.
  • A chosen recurrence of observation audit is chosen by the board and the reconnaissance procedure is pursued between the 3 years cycle of the certification.
  • A re-certification audit is led after the cycle of 3 years and the procedure proceeds.

Declarations of conformity

The validity and reliability of accredited services can be verified using the documents issued by GAs performing conformity assessments:

  • Certificates of conformity, issued by certification bodies
  • Verification declarations, issued by verification bodies
  • Greenhouse gas emissions declarations, issued by verification and validation bodies
  • Inspection reports, issued by inspection bodies
  • Test reports, issued by testing laboratories
  • Analysis reports, issued by medical laboratories
  • Interlaboratory test reports, issued by proficiency testing providers
  • Calibration certificates, issued by calibration laboratories
  • Products information and certificates of reference materials, issued by reference materials producers
  • Medical reference measurement certificates, issued by reference measurements laboratories
  • Biological material reports, issued by biobanks

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